Air Saturation Reactors

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The most important element to get a perfect flotation process is the Air Saturation Reactor, where, under pressure, the air is dissolved into the water.
The unique and exclusive design of the A.S.R. dissolving system achieves an air saturation rate higher than 95 % of the theoretical value related to Henry’s Law.


  • Verrtical saturator designed and tested in accordance to installation Country Directives.
  • High saturation of water with air (95% efficiency) thanks to a special air injection system.
  • Development of a huge quantity of air micro-bubbles that generates a large exchanging area which allows to get the highest dissolution of air into the water.
  • Absence of any porous diffusers or ceramic devices; no maintenance required.
  • Operation even with raw water (Partial or Total Pressurization Mode), homogenous air micro bubbles, reduced chemicals consumption.
  • Micro bubbles created by water saturation with compressed air and subsequent expansion into the flotation tank.
  • A.S.R. suitable for upgrading of existing saturation systems of other DAF clarifiers.
  • Complete stainless steel construction.
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