Aeration, Filtration and Storage tanks solutions

aeration diffusers

aerator diffuserWater Plan Finland Oy develops, designs and delivers energy-efficient and customised aeration solutions for industrial and municipal waste water treatment plants.  We assist our clients and partners in reaching their waste water treatment goals with minimal investment and operating expenses. Investing on aeration is profitable, because the investment repays itself in a short period of time.

Water Plan Finland Oy serves our partners and clients during the whole life cycle of our aeration appliances. We offer a wide variety of diffusers and different membrane materials also for highly demanding waste water. Our products and services also include spare parts, condition inspections of diffusers and the installation and servicing of aeration systems.

R & D is principal to us. We have been involved in the development of several aerators and diffusers, aeration systems, calculation programmes and testing methods. We continuously observe the developments on the industry and thus we are able to offer our clients modern solutions. When requested, we can develop and customise an aeration system or a component of a system.

With the support of our internationally renowned suppliers and partners, Water Plan Finland Oy offers custom-designed solutions for wastewater filtration and filters, such as:

  • hydro cyclones and filter cyclones
  • fractioning filters
  • drum filters
  • continuous self cleaning sand filters
  • flotation units and air saturation reactors

With our experienced project team and a wide-ranging cooperation network and partners, we provide custom designed storage tanks for various substances and liquids.  Also Stainless Steel Storage tanks for different applications such as:

  • Industry applications (e.g. biochemicals, biomedical products, wastewater treatment plant)
  • Municipal Applications (e.g. sewage treatment plant tanks)
  • Mining Applications (e.g. tanks materials resistance to highly abrasive – corrosive mining materials)
  • Industrial effluent (e.g. biogas applications, pharmaceutical industry)
welded Tank-Stainless Steel
welded Tank-Stainless Steel

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