Service parts & diffusers – aerators

aeration maintenance

Water Plan Finland Oy offers a wide selection of different types of aeration system components. We also provide installation and maintenance services. Our aeration system components are designed to improve the efficiency of your wastewater treatment process. We use techniques such as oxygen transfer testing to inform and improve our aeration system design and operation. This helps us provide cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions for our clients.

  • Fine bubble membrane disc diffuser; diameters 215, 270 and 300mm or 7, 9 and 12 inches
  • Fine bubble membrane plate diffuser- Modern product with high efficiency
  • Fine bubble membrane tube diffuser ; diameters 60, 90 and 114mm or 2, 3 and 4 inches
  • Coarse bubble aerators, made of stainless steel or plastic or rubber
  • Acid cleaner to remove sediment
  • Monitoring system for aeration system pressure loss
  • Rubber membrane, standard EPDM; The same aerator membrane material does not suit all types of waste water,  and therefore we offer several different membrane materials also for highly demanding waste water
  • Various pipes, fixtures and pipe parts.

Spare parts for the aerators below:

  • NoponTM
  • SupratecTM
  • SanitaireTM
  • EnviconTM
  • DegremontTM
  • US Filter/EnvirexTM
  • EcologixTM
  • AercorTM
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