Service parts & diffusers – aerators

aeration maintenance

Waterplan Finland Oy offers a wide selection of aerators and spare parts for their servicing.

•    Fine bubble plate aerator with rubber membrane (Disc Diffuser); diameters 215, 270 and 300mm or 7, 9 and 12 inches.
•    Fine bubble pipe aerator with rubber membrane (Tube Diffuser); diameters 60, 90 and 114mm or 2, 3 and 4 inches.
•    Coarse bubble aerators.
•    Acid cleaner to remove sediment
    Monitoring system for aeration system pressure loss.
•    Rubber membrane, standard EPDM; The same aerator membrane material does not suit all types of waste water,  and therefore we offer several different membrane materials also for highly demanding waste water.
•    Various pipes, fixtures and pipe parts.

Spare parts for the aerators below:

  • NoponTM
  • SupratecTM
  • SanitaireTM
  • EnviconTM
  • DegremontTM
  • US Filter/EnvirexTM
  • EcologixTM
  • AercorTM
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