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aeration systems

aeration systems

Waste water treatment goals can be reached and energy consumption can be decreased when the aeration system is functioning as planned and the end user receives expert help. Water Plan Finland Oy offers reliable wastewater treatment solutions and serves our clients during the entire life cycle of the aeration and filtration solutions.

We offer help during the preliminary planning phase to the selection of the suitable aeration solution according to the needs of the client. During the preliminary planning phase, we carry out the required calculations and create the preliminary CAD drawings to find out the optimal aeration solution. During the acquisition phase of aerators, we carry out the process, pressure loss and energy calculations and create the layout CAD drawings. During the project’s implementation phase, we create the detailed installation drawings and implementation plans and offer installation supervision.

During the routine maintenance of the aeration system, we offer servicing work, spare parts and the servicing training for operating personnel.

Water Plan Finland Oy services also include a wide variety of diffuser tests and laboratory tests carried out by objective parties. The tests investigate the condition of the diffusers and this way the required servicing period for diffusers can be assessed. The tests include the measuring of the efficiency of the oxygen transfer, pressure loss measurements of the diffuser, physical features of the diffuser membranes and changes in them in the course of time, as well as the pilot testing of diffusers at the plant.

The same aerator membrane material does not suit all types of waste water, and therefore we offer several different membrane materials also for highly demanding waste water.

R & D is principal to us. We have been involved in the development of several aerators and diffusers, aeration systems, calculation programmes and testing methods. We continuously observe the developments on the industry and thus we are able to offer our clients modern solutions. When requested, we can develop and customise an aeration system or a component of a system.

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