Omega Filter

wastewater sand filterwastewater sand filter1


  • Continuous operation thanks to sand washing device, no stopping for back-washing required.
  • No mechanical moving parts.
  • Special design of feeding cone for homogenous distribution of raw water on sand bed.
  • Automatic control of hydraulic and solid load to prevent clogging of filter media.
  • Low maintenance, high reliability and performances.
  • Quartz sand at controlled size.
  • Stainless steel construction.

wastewater sand filterO P E R A T I N G  P R I N C I P L E

The water to be filtrated is introduced in the lower area of the sand filter through a special designed cone that distributes evenly the inlet water into the sand bed made of quartzitic sand. The water, flowing through the sand bed, settles the solid particles contained and conveys to the upper part of the filter where is discharged by an overflow. The contaminated sand is pumped to the washing device where is continuously washed using a small fraction of already filtrated water, that is then collected to a separate outlet. The cleaned sand is again replaced at the top of the bed.


  •  Polishing of clarified waters for recycling
  • Surface and spring waters filtration
  • Polishing of process waters for recycling
  • Biological plants effluents filtration
  • Algae removal
  • Filtration of oily waste waters
  • Filtration of iron and steel industry waters
  • Filtration of metal finishing waste waters

wastewater sand filter2

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