Aeration Solutions

Using our expertise and technical knowledge, we assist the client in finding the best possible products and solutions for the entire life cycle of aeration system.

aerators diffusersThe aeration system can either be a fixed bottom-installed system or a system or unit that can be lifted up.  We offer a wide range of diffusers and membranes. We have several different fine bubble diffusers, both plate and tube diffusers. In addition, we offer several different types of coarse bubble diffusers.

Sample solutions:

A fixed bottom-installed aeration system or coarse bubble aeration system:

aeration tube diffuseraeration disc diffusersaeration Coarse bubble diffuser

Liftable aeration system (e.g. EDI type aeration unit):

aeration liftableaeration liftable epdm membranetube diffuser fine bubble

The same aerator membrane material does not suit all types of waste water, and therefore we offer several different membrane materials also for highly demanding waste water.

aeration membrane-putkiilmastinilmastus kalvotaeration tests

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